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Mid March Mega Update!

Oof! Lots to talk about here. As we get into the 6th week of Futurenaut Tees existing, I have finally obtained a day job. This is good because I no longer have to worry about how I'm going to pay my bills, but it also means a lot less time to spend working on designs and other Futurenaut Tees things. I'll still find the time to do at least a little every week though.

New Non-Profit Disability Awareness Designs

My mother is a fighter who has been battling Multiple Sclerosis for as long as I can remember, so it is in her honor that I decided to create these. These designs may not seem to be about celebrating geek culture, but there are plenty of geeks out there living with disabilities/chronic illnesses, including me. Both of these designs include one of my mom's favorite sayings ("I don't look sick / You don't look stupid / Looks can be deceiving"), so you can see where I get my smart-assed sense of humor from. The two new disability awareness designs each come in 3 different colors (orange for MS, burgundy for disabled adults, and light blue for chronic illness), and each variation is available as either a premium or basic tee. So, that's twelve new products to choose from. All proceeds from these sales go to one of three charities...

Orange (MS): National MS Society

Burgundy (DA): Invisible Disabilities Association

Light Blue (CI): Hope Charities

Find the new "Non-Profit" section here:

Introducing Futurenaut Tees For the Workplace

Inspired by having a new day job myself, I decided people who have jobs with "business casual" dress codes should still be able to wear Futurenaut Tees. SO, I found a printing partner and started re-purposing the IT designs for polo shirts. Now we have a whole line dedicated to finding a workplace-related purpose for various designs. There's polo shirts for both men and women, V-neck shirts as well, hoodies to stay warm in cold call centers or data centers, coffee mugs to hold your precious life essence, and tote bags for carrying whatever. For now (until I start integrating things directly into the main website) it can all be found right here:

More New Designs!

The official Futurenaut Tees shirt is now available for the low price of only $11.99. Snag a shirt for cheap in return for being a walking advertisement!

Meet Mr. Meowseeks! Look at him! He won't solve your problems. He'll just scratch up your couch.

Get retro, because real heroes have arm cannons! Two of my favorite 8-bit video games are Mega Man and Metroid. This tribute to the retrogaming heroes of the past is pure pixelated glory! Where are robotic boys from the future and space bounty hunters when we need them???

Is this really Commander Shepard's favorite shirt? There are a LOT of shirts out there claiming to be his favorite, but I think this one is the best one. It should really have a massive effect on your wardrobe.

Brag about your hygiene! Just because everything is horrible right now doesn't mean we can't try to make jokes from time to time.

Time to return to the G1 Transformers movie where Hotrod just can't help but screw everything up. That turbo-revving young punk just keeps getting in the way.

Thanks for stopping by! 'Till next time!

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