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History: In December of 2019 I was laid off from my job as a supervisor of a technical support call center. Since the job hunt was going slowly, I needed something else to do to pass the time and feel productive.


Background: For the past 15 years I had a career in technical support / IT, but before that I had gone to school (Full Sail) for Digital Media. There I learned a lot of fundamentals & good habits regarding visual design, digital art, and graphic design .


Founding: I made the decision to start an endeavor where I could exercise my creativity, so Futurenaut Tees was started on February 7th, 2020.


Goal: Create interesting T-shirt designs based on many of the things I am passionate about, such as sci-fi, horror, fantasy, retrogaming, IT humor, sarcasm, cats, and other "geek culture"-related material. I only expect Futurenaut Tees to ever be a hobby or side-business while I work a regular full-time job, but if it ever gets to the point where I can focus on it 100% and no longer need another job, that would of course be a welcome development.

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