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Horizontal Rule

It usually starts out with the thought "you know what would be really cool..." and then before you know it you're imagining something in your head that you'd love to have, but unfortunately doesn't seem to exist anywhere. Well hey Futurenaut Tees wants to create it for you! This way it can go from just being in your imagination, to being in your hands (or on your body as it were).

Here's some examples:

  • One of the shirts offered here, but in a different color than what's listed.

  • One of the designs featured here, but on a different style of shirt than what's listed.

  • One of the designs featured here, but on something other than a shirt (socks? shower curtain? welcome mat?)

  • One of the cat designs, but with YOUR cat on the shirt instead.

  • One of the non-profit/awareness shirts, but with a ribbon color of your choosing.

  • A design created from/around your own piece of art.

  • Your favorite photo transformed into pixel art and made to look like the front cover of an 80's video game.

  • A design inspired by your favorite meme.

  • A design that quotes your favorite 15th century piece of French poetry.

  • A cartoon of your pet along with a quote of your choosing.

  • "You don't scare me, my wife's a..." (insert job title, zodiac sign, video game speed runner, etc... here)

  • Almost anything else you can think up!

So if there's something on your mind, just fill out this contact form and before you know it, as long as it is within reason, we'll be on our way to making it happen!

If something completey different, what are we making?

Great! Expect a reply within 24 hours!

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